We are so excited to share that our range of Crystal Jars have been shortlisted for Gift Of The Year!

Every little jar has been hand filled in our U.K. studio with crystals thoughtfully chosen for the properties they contain; allowing you to gift a sentiment of happiness, positivity, good luck and so much more with a lasting token of your well wishes.

View the range here

Add an element of surprise to your gifts with our new hidden message Mini Wishes.

Hidden Message Mini Wishes are a fun twist on our Mini Wishes. They are a fun way to give someone you care for a wish with a surprise message inside. All they have to do is scratch off the circle to revel what wish they have been gifted and then tie the cord around their wrist as a lasting reminder.

The hidden wish is shown on the outer packaging but once removed the message is hidden until the circle is scratched off.

See them all here

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